Recycled Wine Cork Coaster Set

Wine Cork Coasters

Wine Cork Coasters

Make these oh-so-easy and practical coasters from wine corks!


  • MDF, Wood or Cork Coaster Shapes, we used 9190-112, MDF Coasters
  • Recycled Wine Corks, you’ll need 4 corks cut in half (8 halves), per coaster
  • Acrylic Paint, your choice of color(s), if you choose to paint your coasters before adding the corks, we chose to keep ours the natural color
  • Paint Brush, if painting coasters
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks or E6000 or your choice of Adhesive
  • Craft Knife


  1. If you choose to paint your coasters (if using wood or MDF coasters), you will need to paint first, then allow to dry.
  2. Using photo as a guide, VERY CAREFULLY, cut your corks in half lengthwise.
  3. Again, using photo as a guide, glue your wine corks onto coaster shapes.  For the pattern we used, you will use 8 cork halves (4 full corks) for each coaster.
  4. Enjoy a beverage using your cork coasters!

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