Santa Face Shatterproof Ornament


Santa Face Shatterproof Ornament

Here’s a creative Christmas idea using the new shatterproof PET plastic light bulb ornament!  Make your own adorable Jolly Old Elf ornament for yourself or for gift giving!

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  • Using flesh tone paint, paint a circle on your ornament for Santa’s face (using photo as a guide).  If necessary, apply a second coat and let dry.
  • Using the photo as a guide, lightly draw Santa’s face with a pencil then, trace with black Sharpie or black acrylic paint.
  • Paint Santa’s mouth red.  We, very lightly, applied a very small amount of watered down red paint to make rosey cheeks on Santa. Practice on a sheet of paper in necessary.
  • Using the photo as a guide, apply Snow Tex as Santa’s hair, beard, mustache and eyebrows.  Let dry.
  • Position hat on top of ornament.  When you have desired position glue in place. Cut a small hole at the top, back of the hat for the ornament hook to be attached to the ornament.
  • Hang on tree and enjoy!

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  1. Rym says:

    These look fabulous. It must be so aminzag to see your handy-work on display like this. I wish I was in a position to buy some … when I settle I definitely need some of your decorations for my tree 🙂

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